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    March, 2022
    Ethiopia, Uganda, Laos, Global

    The RGIL project is part of the Global Programme Responsible Land Policy (GPRLP) and is implemented in Ethiopia, Laos and Uganda. RGIL aims to ensure that investments in land are productive, contribute to sustainable land management and respect the rights and needs of local populations, in particular vulnerable groups and women. The project is funded by the European Union and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).


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    A Summary

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    January, 2019
    South America, Peru

    The Government of Peru is gradually advancing in the process of recognizing and formalizing the territorial rights of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon. 
    In order to document and analyse how titling is carried out and how the local population perceives its impacts, the Centre for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), with the support of German development cooperation, conducted a study on the progress and challenges of native community titling processes. this is the summary of the study conducted in the Ucayali and San Martin regions of the Peruvian Amazon. 


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    July, 2018

    The Association for Rural Advancement (AFRA) partnered with the Legal Resources Centre (LRC), a South African human rights organisation, to launch a class action lawsuit against the Government of South Africa on behalf of a class of farm dwellers known as labour tenants. Under the 1996 Land Reform (Labour Tenants) Act, labour tenants were granted rights to apply for ownership of the land they occupied. However, the government has failed to implement this law, and 19,000 labour tenant claims remain pending.

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    December, 2016

    The recent political and economic liberalization in Burma/Myanmar, while indicative of some positive steps toward democratization after decades of authoritarian rule, has simultaneously increased foreign and domestic investments and geared the economy toward industrialization and large-scale agriculture.

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    October, 2015

    The first set of the land laws were enacted in 2012 in line with the timelines outlined in the Constitution of Kenya 2010. In keeping with the spirit of the constitution, the Land Act, Land Registration Act and the national Land Commission Act respond to the requirements of Articles 60, 61, 62, 67 & 68 of the Constitution.

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    June, 2004

    The Government of Kenya through the Ministry of Lands and Housing (MOLH) has finally embarked on the process of developing a National Land Policy (NLP) that is envisaged to be in place by June 2005. It has been a tortuous journey for many in the civil society and other stakeholders. The NLP will come, as a gratifying culmination of a battle well fought and the win will hopefully be savoured for a very long time to come. The Minister of Lands and Housing, Hon.

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    January, 2003

    It is significant that for the first time land is specifically recognized as a constitutional category in the Draft Constitution Bill. This is important because it gives the issue of land the level of visibility that is always associated with constitutional matters, and unlike other ordinary legislation, a Constitution can only be amended by a special majority. The chapter that deals with land in the Draft Constitution Bill is Chapter Eleven under the title Land and Property.

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    November, 2002

    The Kenya Land Alliance takes this opportunity to congratulate the Commission of Inquiry into the Land Law Systems of Kenya (‘Njonjo Commission’) for completing their task, which has painstakingly taken them three years. The KLA fraternity was pleased to hear the president’s remarks that the Njonjo report was a blueprint that would guide the future government in handling the delicate land issues efficiently and justly. Equally delighting was the Mr. Njonjo’s remark that wherever they went the wananchi expressed appreciation of their appointment to look into the land question.

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    December, 2015

    The Land Sector Non State Actors (LSNSA) is a network of civil society organizations working together to promote secure and equitable access to land and natural resource for all through advocacy, dialogue and capacity building. We petition parliament on issues we hold to be of fundamental importance in the context and content of the two bills before the National Assembly.

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