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    Nicaragua, Central America, Americas

    De conformidad con lo dispuesto en la presente Ley, todos los títulos de reforma agraria, provisionales o definitivos, entregados a los asignatarios del proceso de reforma agraria serán considerados como el instrumento que les otorga la propiedad de la tierra y el derecho de poder ejercer la plena disposición del dominio y posesión; en consecuencia, dichos asignatarios podrán vender, traspasar o heredar (art. 2º). Todos estos títulos deberán ser inscritos ante los registradores de la propiedad inmueble, so pena de que toda transacción relativa a las tierras en cuestión se consideren nulas.

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    This Act provides the general framework for principles regulating land relations in the USSR and the Union Republics. Union and autonomous Republics are to promulgate more detailed legislation within this framework. This Act excludes relations regarding mining, forestry, water and the protection of flora, fauna and the atmosphere. The Act is directed towards the creation of conditions for the rational use and protection of land, the regeneration of soil fertility, the preservation and improvement of the natural environment, and the equal development of all forms of economy.

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    Algeria, Africa, Northern Africa

    Il est créé une agence nationale dont le mandat officiel est de réaliser les opérations techniques devant conduire à l'établissement d'un cadastre pour l'ensemble du territoire national ainsi que de mettre sur pied et de réviser périodiquement un cadastre foncier national. L'agence peut être chargée de procéder à un inventaire systématique de tous les biens immobiliers faisant partie du domaine national. L'agence est dotée de la personnalité civile. Elle est administrée par un conseil d'administration et gérée par un directeur.

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    Under this statute people are permitted to lease land and to bequeath its use to their heirs in perpetuity. Ownership of land is delegated to local soviets, which fix the prices for land rentals. While heritable land can be worked as property, it cannot be sold, granted or mortgaged. The drafting of more detailed rules on land tenure is delegated to the Union republics, within the framework laid down by the statute. In practice, farmers will henceforth be free to choose between being collective farm members or individual farmers.

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    قرار رقم 333 باصدار القانون رقم (42) لسنة 1987م بشأن اعادة تنظيم الملكية الزراعية الخاضعة للإصلاح الزراعي

    Iraq, Western Asia

    This Law focuses on the reorganization of landownership subject to agricultural land projects. It provides for ways to compensate landowners for expropriation and gives indications concerning the recording of land. It is the duty of the Lands and Appropriation Committee to notify the corresponding Real Estate Registration Department.

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    Portugal, Southern Europe, Europe

    The text of the Code, consisting of 153 articles arranged under 8 titles, is given in the schedule. Article 2 lists twenty-two items in respect of which registration is obligatory.

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    Australia, Oceania

    The Act, consisting of 63 sections divided into 6 Parts and completed by one Schedule is composed as follows: Preliminary (I); Administration (II); Licensing and Registration (III); Surveying (IV); Establishment of Land Boundaries (V); and Miscellaneous (VI).

    Implemented by: Survey Regulations 2007. (2017-06-22)

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    Armenia, Western Asia, Asia

    The 7 articles regulate the National Land Cadastre. It is maintained and systematic surveys on the status of the land are conducted by the State Institute for Design "Armgiprozem" for the timely exposure, assessment, prevention and abolition of the effects of any negative phenomena (art.2,3). The Ministry of Agriculture is responsible for, inter alia, the registration of land-owners and land-users. The Decree further stipulates duties of land-owners and land-users relating to the timely and up-to-date registration in the Cadastre.

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    An Act to provide for the registration of land and for matters connected therewith.

    Guyana, Americas, South America

    This Act makes provision for the registration of titles in land. The 164 articles are divided into 20 Parts: Preliminary (I); Administration (II); Commissioners of Title (III); First Registration - A. Registration areas, B. Areas other than registration areas, C.

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