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    Conference Papers & Reports
    December, 2023
    Sierra Leone

    Sierra Leone is endowed with abundant of natural resource wealth including Diamond, Gold, and Rutile, Iron Ore, large marine resources and stretches of arable land. Despite abundant the country still faced loaming social, economic and environmental challenges that negatively impact lives of ordinary citizens. In many Africa states; competition for the control over natural resources wealth has led to cycle of armed conflict, suppression of political dissidents and the violation of human rights.

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    Vol 3, No 2: May 2020

    Peer-reviewed publication
    Côte d'Ivoire

    This article aims to help the governance of peri-urban land conflicts from an approach focused on the control of urban sprawl, which is the paramount characteristic of Yamoussoukro, the political Capital City of Côte d'Ivoire. The study starts with a prospective approach to this phenomenon to identify prospects for a sustainable conflict resolution. It therefore comes within the framework of the quest for a spatial cohesion to lead to social cohesion that is today undermined by a rampant urbanization.

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    Vol 3, No 1: January 2020, Special Issue 1 on Land Policy in Africa

    Peer-reviewed publication

    Securing land rights of all including the youth to allow for investment is very imperative. This is because access to land is very fundamental to ending extreme poverty especially in the Sub-Saharan Africa where agriculture remains the economic backbone of majority of households.  To this end, access to fair and timeous land disputes resolution mechanism to adjudicate and resolve disputes which create tenure insecurity is critical. This study investigates land dispute cases and the resolution mechanisms among the youth land holders in the Techiman area of Ghana.

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    Vol 1, No 1: May 2018

    Peer-reviewed publication

    This paper examines the awareness and information access linkages that could be improved to enhance women access to appropriate conflict resolution mechanisms in rural Tanzania. The awareness and access to information indices were constructed and combined with women satisfaction levels based on survey data from 112 women in Makete district. The results suggest that public awareness programmes have the potentials to increasing knowledge on conflict resolution options available to women and enhances the chances that they would report land cases to relevant authorities.

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    Vol 1, No 1: May 2018

    Peer-reviewed publication

    Rwanda has implemented a land tenure regularization program since 2008 that enabled the adjudication and registration of land rights for both men and women. However, Rwandan women are vulnerable to land conflicts because some men do not recognize or respect women’s rights in land. This study investigates the extent to which government institutions in Rwanda empower women in claiming and defending their land rights. Data sources include questionnaire survey, interviews, and the review of literature on land reform in Rwanda.

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    January, 2021

           Context and backgroundWith many physical and human potentials, the Bamun country in the western highlands of Cameroon, which is an agricultural area excellence is today experiencing serious socio-economic and spatial transformations. The coffee crises, growth in cash crop production and demographic pressure within the former agricultural spaces has favored the movement of producers towards pioneer fronts. The availability of land capital in these new agricultural spaces attracts migrants from other horizons.

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    January, 2022
    Cameroon, Norway

    Context and background:Land is a source of wealth in terms of the economic and socio-cultural value it represents. Land resources are the basis of any economic activity or development project, which is why they are at the centre of multiple covetousness. However, social exclusion leads to numerous land conflicts observed in Cameroon.Goal and objectives:This study therefore aims to show how social exclusion can cause and sustain land disputes in Cameroon.

  8. Library Resource
    January, 2024
    Zambia, Russia

    Context and Background:
    The specialised land court in Zambia is known as the Lands Tribunal, and it was created in 1996 through the 1995 Lands Act. The Tribunal was established with the objective of achieving speedy, low cost, flexible and efficient means of settling conflicts over land. Inspite of being existence for 27 years, little has been done on the progress and challenges of the Lands Tribunal in resolving conflicts over land in the country.
    Goal and Objectives:

  9. Library Resource
    January, 2021
    Ghana, Norway

    Land Disputes And Conflicting Land-Court Judgement Resolution In Ghana: Perspectives Of Regulatory Stakeholders

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    Journal Articles & Books
    January, 2022

    In todays highly regulated cities a conspicuous pattern of marginal open space has emerged between buildings and streets With rapid population growth different activities are also emerging in the open spaces particularly in the cities of developing countries This study explores the informal use of the marginal open spaces along residential streets in IleIfe Nigeria to identify the physical planning implications The data for this study were mainly collected through a questionnaire survey and open space measurements Findings established that the major activities in the open space were necessa

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