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Mini-grants to support innovative ideas focused on the impact of data for development in the Global South.

About the Global Data Barometer

Effective and timely data driven decision-making is essential for countries struggling to respond to a complex development agenda and to achieve critical outcomes related to climate action, democratic governance, health, and other transformational priorities. When data is used to enable inclusive and democratic decision-making, it has the potential to improve lives, transform economies, and help end poverty.

The Global Data Barometer (GDB) delivered its first results in May 2022. These results and the data coming from them can help reformers in government and civil society to push for more democratic and inclusive data governance and use. Despite the repercussions of the launch event and some early dissemination products, there is still a lot to do to strengthen the use of the GDB data to achieve positive results in terms of governance, availability, capability and impact of data for public good. In this context, this call for proposals aims to find innovative uses of the data and the messages of the GDB. It aims to ultimately support stakeholders that are using the data in innovative and relevant ways in order for civil society and governments to implement the necessary reforms to achieve more democratic and inclusive data governance, availability and use.

What kind of projects are we looking for?

This call for proposals is aimed to develop and support innovative research and/or data use activities that focus on improving governance, inclusiveness, and the impact of data for development in the Global South based on the work done by, and the data collected by, the Global Data Barometer.

We are looking to support innovative ideas in terms of using the GDB data that focus on governance, inclusiveness, and the impact of data for development in the Global South. In that sense, we are looking for projects that use and disseminate the data coming from the GDB first edition.

Who can submit a proposal?

The call is open to government organizations, civil society, academia, private sector and individuals from the Global South. It is possible to submit proposals in a collaborative consortia.

Collaboration between countries or sectors is welcome and will be considered as an added value when selecting cases. Applicants must complete a form with the information of the proposed idea to use the data, as well as a budget for the use of funds (up to 5000 USD)

What is our goal?

During this first stage up to six projects on uses of GDB data to advance our knowledge of data for public good will be selected. The projects can present a country, regional and/or thematic approach. The projects can adopt the form of visualizations, reports, workshops or any other way to use the GDB data in a productive and innovative way. The selected teams/individuals are expected to submit the product as well as produce a brief report (in English) on an innovative use of the data coming from the first edition of the GDB.

The products and reports will be shared via GDB social media and website.

What can we support?

The support consists of an amount up to US$5,000 as well as dissemination support by the GDB team. The GDB team will be also available to answer questions related to the data, if necessary. The project can finance:

  • Required work hours of project staff
  • Materials or technical infrastructure necessary for the execution of the project


Government organizations, civil society, academia, private sector and individuals from the Global South are encouraged to submit their ideas with a focus on a country/ies, region and/or thematic areas. Collaboration between countries and/or sectors is welcome and will be considered as an added value when selecting cases. Collaboration agreements are expected to be submitted in writing signed by all parties involved.

Criteria to select the proposals to be funded: 

  • Relevance: Ideas should focus on the use of GDB data in the Global South to shine a light on issues related to data for public good.
  • Innovation: Innovative ideas on how to use the GDB data and/or how to approach an issue related to data for public good will be prioritized.
  • Openness: The knowledge generated by the project must be open including code, and documentation.
  • Inclusion: Ideas submitted should take into account aspects related to gender and power imbalance in its approach.
  • Timeliness: ideas should be aligned with the timeline for this call.


  • Submission of ideas will be received until February 15th, 2023
  • Selected projects will be notified by February 25th, 2023
  • Start of projects: February 25th, 2023
  • End of project (submission of results and report): May 25th, 2023

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