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Today the Land Portal published our 80th country profile. We are celebrating this and the 79 that stand behind it. This rich collection represents seven years of work and underpins the Land Portal's commitment to making land information open and accessible. We publish profiles in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, and recently added Arabic to meet users' needs in the Arab region.


The 80 countries in our compendium amount to a story about the land that is home for 73% of the global population. Country profiles on the Land Portal are some of the best gateways to understanding land governance in a given country. Rigorously researched, written, and peer-reviewed, these comprehensive guides touch on history, politics, and culture, and are aimed at experts and casual readers alike. 

As the Land Portal develops the State of Land Information Index (SOLIndex), these profiles will provide important context to understanding country scoring. They clarify what roles land plays in the economy, politics, culture, and the environment. 
"If you want to understand the situation of land governance in a country, the Land Portal has the best resources anywhere. We dare you to not learn something new as you browse the collection!" -- Romy Sato, head of the Country Profiles initiative.

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"The Thailand profile captures the recent and most updated land policies and land situation of Thailand. It presents comprehensive information for key land sector, with insightful reflections that can help readers who are new and interested in land information learn quickly key substances of Thailand's land information." Warangkana Rattanarat, Peer reviewer for Thailand country profile and RECOFT Thailand Country Director

"Iraq post-war has suffered from a lack of information in all aspects, especially in the land sector. The information that the Land Portal provides serves as a foundation for those interested in this sector and developing it. The rebuilding process and its sustainability can be only achieved with the right data and information." Shahd Mustafa, Peer reviewer of the Iraq profile, Prindex Middle East and North Africa coordinator 

"Congo has the world's largest tropical peatland and the world's second-largest rainforest, and what happens to the land there is critical for our global climate strategy. I got so much from the country profile, and I loved that the author even included a novel in her suggestions for further reading." Lilian Lee, Land Portal communications officer. 


Praise for the country profiles


"The country profiles of the Land Portal bring open access land governance data down to the ground and local context. The profiles dive deeply into the historical evolution, actions, projects, and policies with scientific rigour, as they are updated, curated, and reviewed by international land experts. I praise this initiative that sheds light on local challenges to empower stakeholders and strengthen land governance around the world!" 

Dr. Arch. Pamela Duran Diaz
Peer Reviewer for the Mexico profile
Senior Planning Specialist, Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS)
Erasmus University Rotterdam 


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