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Horizon Research Publishing(HRPUB) is a worldwide open access publisher serving the academic research and scientific communities by launching peer-reviewed journals covering a wide range of academic disciplines. As an international academic organization for researchers & scientists, we aim to provide researchers, writers, academic professors and students the most advanced research achievements in a broad range of areas, and to facilitate the academic exchange between them .

Compliant with open access policies, published materials can be copied and distributed without obtaining permission as long as a correct citation to the original publication is given. We are committed to the advancement and applications of the science through our publications. At Horizon Research Publishing, we want to ensure that your publishing experience goes as smoothly as possible so that you can focus on what really counts .

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June, 2018

Coastal systems are predominantly delicate to three key drivers related to Climate Change (CC): Sea Level Rise (SLR); ocean temperature and; ocean acidity. This study focused on the impacts realized from SLR. These variables are anticipated to increase with significant threats to the populace and structures of social, cultural or economic importance along Coastal Zones (CZ).

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