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Neil Sorensen,
Global Land Tool Network

The Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) is an alliance of global regional and national partners contributing to poverty alleviation through land reform, improved land management and security of tenure particularly through the development and dissemination of pro-poor and gender-sensitive land tools.

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The objectives of this session are to highlight national, regional and global progress and accomplishments in outcome 3 of phase 3 of the GLTN program, to gather feedback from GLTN partners and receive proposals on the monitoring focus in phase 4, and to identify potential collaborative opportunities with GLTN partners to upscale monitoring of the land agenda.

Date: 3rd May 2023    

Time: 14:00 – 15:30  

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GLTN Secretariat focal point: Clinton Omusula

Chair / Moderator: Robert Lewis-Lettington

Management of the virtual room: Jong Hee Paik

Rapporteur: Robert Lewis-Lettington/ Clinton Omusula



14:00 – 14:05

1. Opening Remarks and Introduction (5 minutes): Robert Lewis-Lettington, UN-Habitat/GLTN

14:05 -14:15

2. Land monitoring in Phase 3 of GLTN Programme (10 minutes): Clinton Omusula, UN-Habitat/GLTN

What has been achieved, challenges and opportunities, and what’s next?

14:15 – 14:55

  1. Progress in land monitoring What are we seeing/ not seeing:
    • National Focus (10 minutes): Leah Wambugu, Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS).

Kenya’s experience (process, challenges and opportunities) in monitoring SDG indicators on land tenure security. What does the data say? What are the ongoing initiatives and what next?

  • Regional Focus (10 minutes): Don Marquez, Asian NGO Coalition for Agrarian Reform and Rural Development (ANGOC).

ANGOC’s experience (process, challenges and opportunities) in monitoring land governance and tenure

security? What does the data say? How can GLTN and the custodians tap into ANGOC’s initiative?

  • Global Focus – SDG Monitoring (10 minutes): Robert Ndugwa, Data and Analytics Unit, UN-Habitat.

Monitoring the SDG land indicators (progress and status). What is needed to achieve tier I status?

What’s next?

  • Global Focus – GLTN Partner Perspective (10 minutes): Laura Meggiolaro, Land portal Foundation. State of land data and land data systems (challenges and opportunities) for monitoring tenure security. What does the data tell us? What are the current initiatives and what is next?

14:55 – 15:20

4.  Open Floor reflection/discussion (25 minutes) – What is the experience of GLTN partners in land governance

monitoring (Data availability, responsiveness of national policies to available data). What monitoring aspects should be prioritized in phase 4? What are the potential collaboration points in phase 4?

15:20 – 15:30

5. Summary, way forward, and closing (10 minutes): Clarissa Augustinus, Senior Land Expert/ Founder and

Former Lead, GLTN




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