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Landesa is an international NGO that partners with governments and local organizations to ensure that rural women and men living in extreme poverty have secure rights over the land they depend on. As a member of DFID’s LEGEND program, Landesa has created the following suite of tools: 

  • Social License Platform: Created in collaboration with TMP Systems, the Social License Platform is a web-based service that helps companies and investors find the expertise needed to perform due diligence, meet applicable land-related environmental and social standards, and achieve smarter and more successful land-based projects and investments in land, while promoting better outcomes for local communities. It connects companies and investors to qualified service providers who can implement trust-dependent processes across the project and investment lifecycle effectively and in a way that aligns with national and international best practices. 
  • Responsible Investments in Property and Land (RIPL) Resource Platform: The RIPL Resource Platform offers practical, step-by-step guidance for companies, governments, and communities to achieve socially responsible investments in agricultural land. It builds on existing guidance with the objective of synthesising best practices, contributing concrete examples to address existing gaps and levelling the playing field by developing guidance tailored to multiple investment stakeholders. The RIPL Resource Platform hosts a suite of guidebooks, topical primers and supplemental resources.
  • The LandAssess Tool: The LandAssess Tool is a risk assessment and management spreadsheet that helps companies conduct land rights due diligence and monitoring specifically for agricultural projects. While the tool has a focus on agricultural issues, it is adaptable and can provide important guidance to other sectors (renewable energy, infrastructure, extractives). Using a set of clear and simple checklists, the Tool guides companies through a series of questions to measure whether they have carried out specific actions that demonstrate compliance with best practices for responsible land-based investment. 
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Landesa Annual Report 2019
Reports & Research
January, 2020

Around the world, land is the foundation of rural life. Perhaps no other asset can equal the transformative power of land to create economic opportunity, boost productivity and food security, and fulfill the promise of fundamental human rights and a life of basic dignity and access to justice.

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Reports & Research
June, 2019

Landesa, the Interlaken Group, and the Malawi LSLBI Platform identified the need for an in-depth case study on the Phata Cooperative after recognizing a lack of detailed and context-specific information available on good practices on structuring commercial, cooperative outgrower schemes in Malawi and elsewhere.

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Reports & Research

Landesa works to secure land rights for the world’s poorest
people—the 3.4 billion chiefly rural people who live on less than two dollars
a day. Landesa partners with developing country governments to design
and implement laws, policies, and programs concerning land that provide
opportunity, further sustainable economic growth, and promote social

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