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The webinar “SDG 11 and Adequate Housing: Shared experiences of Europe and the Global South” is organized within the framework of Build Solid Ground project, on 9 December 2020, between 14:30 – 16:00 Bucharest time, via Zoom platform.  

In the opening of the webinar, we will address the status of post-Cotonou negotiations, with focus on ways in which Europe can continue supporting the overall development agenda in relation to Africa in a pandemic context.  

Further on, together with Lucy Mwase and Mathabo Makuta we will discuss the complex set of economic and social challenges that the Global South, including the African continent, faces in terms of bridging the rural vs. urban gap. The rural – urban migration and challenges associated to this shape up the urbanization scene, with the national housing deficit in some African states such as Zambia being expected to double by 2025. Panelists will also explore perspectives on slum modernisation, secure land tenure and access to public information pertaining to land governance.

These challenges call out for renewed cooperation between local authorities and international stakeholders, so as to find solutions in terms of urban planning, migration management, slum upgrading and improving overall transport infrastructure and utility connections between urban and rural areas in the Global South.  


Moderator: Agnes Nicolescu, Project Manager Advocacy & Awareness Raising, Habitat for Humanity Romania 


  • Roberto Pătrășcoiu, National Director, Habitat for Humanity Romania  
  • Gyorgy Sumeghy, Associate Director, Policy and Advocacy Europe, Middle East and Africa, Habitat for Humanity International  
  • Lucy Mwase, National Director, Habitat for Humanity Malawi  
  • Laura Meggiolaro, Team Leader, Land Portal Foundation  
  • Elisa Scalise, Managing Director, Co-founder, Resource Equity 
  • Mathabo Makuta, National Director of Habitat for Humanity Zambia  


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