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Community Organizations Agricultural Non-State Actors Forum
Agricultural Non-State Actors Forum
Agricultural Non-State Actors Forum
Civil Society Organization


Mikocheni A
Plot 167, Migombani Street, Regent Estate
P. O. Box 33562
Dar es Salaam

Agricultural Non-State Actors Forum (ANSAF) is a member–led forum involving organizations and individuals from the commercial sector, non-governmental (both Tanzanian and international) and from farmer groups in Tanzania. It is a forum for non-state actors to discuss and work towards solutions to improve the agriculture sector in the interests of men and women currently living in poverty.



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Budget Analysis for ASDP and DADP Funds in Tanzania

Reports & Research
July, 2011

The Agriculture Sector Development Programme (ASDP) is a Sector Programme largely implemented at the district level through the District Agricultural Development Plans (DADPs) as an integral part of the District Development Plan (DDP). The government also works at the national level through the Agriculture Sector Lead Ministries (ASLMs) to deal with issues such as fertiliser subsidies, large irrigation schemes, research and development, regulation and coordination as well as quality assurance.