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Private Sector/MSME Competitiveness


12/05 - 07/18


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The project objective is to create sustainable conditions for enterprise creation and growth. land tenure activities include: (i) Convert old survey and mapping data to fit the new geodetic surveying infrastructure, and awareness-raising of the professionals about using the new system; (ii) Implement a new surveying and mapping policy in line with the modernized infrastructure; (iii) Strengthen the collection, storage and dissemination of geospatial data and improving the use of land and resource data for land use planning; (iv) Review, prepare, and process legislative pieces (e.g., a Land Acquisition and Compensation Bill, a Property Valuation Bill, and Regulations for the above), and strengthen land tribunals; (v) Support the implementation of participatory land use planning approaches in urban areas and regularization of land tenure in urban informal settlements including in Mwanza and Dar es Salaam where initial work has already been done; (vi) Review past experiences in undertaking government land inventories including in Ghana and Botswana and draw lessons and good practices that could guide preparation of guidelines for similar exercises in Tanzania; (vii) Implement regulatory changes (such as elimination of the requirement to obtain a Tax Clearance Certificate, streamlining of the procedure of notarization and execution of the sale agreement and preparation of the transfer deed, elimination of the inspection to value the property, etc.); (viii) Reorganize workflow processes of the land registry to improve the efficiency of the process to register and transfer a property.

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