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Dezembro 2012
América Latina e Caribe

This publication is the result of an initiative to promote an exchange between Brazil and African countries on lessons learned about the role of community forestry as a strategic option to achieve the goals of Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+).

Junho 2012

There are many causes, consequences, and
connections of deforestation and forest poverty in the
tropical world. This report specifically addresses the
potential dilemma of trade-offs between poverty reduction
and environmental protection. It seeks to improve the

Maio 2012

This study is intended to be a
systematic and practical guide to the basic features of
modern forestry legislation. It identifies a range of issues
that should be considered in assessing the adequacy of
forest laws and presents options for addressing those issues

Maio 2012

The Forests Sourcebook is divided into
two parts. The first contains an introduction to the book
plus seven chapters covering topics associated with
enhancing the contribution of forests to poverty reduction,
engaging the private sector, meeting the growing demand for

Março 2012

This policy note was prepared in
response to a request from the Government of Southern Sudan
(GoSS) for World Bank assistance in developing legislative
and institutional policies and strategies that will take
advantage of the potential of the region's forest

Março 2012

In 1994, the Government of Cameroon
introduced an array of forest policy reforms, both
regulatory and market-based, to support a more organized,
transparent, and sustainable system for accessing and using
forest resources. This report describes how these reforms

Critical Review of Selcted Forest-Related Regulatory Initiatives
Artigos e Livros
Janeiro 2011

This report brings together four studies that evaluate regulatory initiatives with implications for forest-dependent communities from a rights-based perspective.

Artigos e Livros
Dezembro 2006
Estados Unidos

State forestry best management practice (BMP) programs have been widely developed and implemented to prevent nonpoint source water pollution in the past three decades. The unanswered question is how forestry BMPs have affected the welfare positions of consumers, mills, loggers, and forest landowners.

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