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Strengthening civic spaces in spatial planning processes

Manuals & Guidelines
Fevereiro, 2020

This technical guide provides strategies on how to strengthen, protect and promote legitimate tenure rights in spatial planning processes at the local, regional and national levels. It addresses state authorities involved in spatial planning processes, national governments and local authorities, and those operating on behalf of the state or within customary governance systems.

Lamulo la Malo a Makolo 2016

Manuals & Guidelines
Fevereiro, 2020

Msonkhano Wodziwitsa Atsogoleri a ma Dipatimenti ndi Mabungwe a pa Boma

Mamembala a nthambi yoyendetsa chitukuko pa Boma ayenera kudziwa za lamulo la malo a makolo koyambirira kuti asankhe dera lomwe angakayambire ntchito zokhudza lamuloli.

Msonkhano Wodziwitsa Makomiti a ADC, VDC ndi Magulu a m’madera za Lamulo la Malo a Makolo

Makomiti a ADC ndi VDC ndi ofunika kwambiri pothandiza anthu a m’madera mwawo kumvetsetsa za lamulo la malo a makolo.

Chisankho cha Komiti Yoyendetsa za Malo a Makolo

Webinar Report: The Role of Land Certification in Securing Women's Land Rights on Collective Lands

Reports & Research
Dezembro, 2019

Evidence shows that women can benefit from having individualised land rights formalized in their names. However, similar evidence is not available for formalization of land rights that are based on collective tenure. Studies have estimated that as much as 65 percent of the world’s land is held under customary, collective-tenure systems. Improving tenure security for land held collectively has been shown to improve resource management and to support self-determination of indigenous groups.

Informal Land Delivery and Tenure Security Institutions in Benin City, Nigeria

Journal Articles & Books
Dezembro, 2019

The informal sector in urban land supply has continued to meet the increasing demand for urban land owing to the deficiencies of the formal sector in Nigeria. But tenure security and equity in land supply have become the major issues that have evoked much concern in the sector. This article seeks to understand the provisions of tenure rights through customary institutions not as the binary opposite of the formal land titling but as a part of the continuum that includes the formal system in Benin City.

The Voluntary Guidelines: Securing our rights - Senegal

Reports & Research
Dezembro, 2019

The guide will serve as documentation of the lessons learnt from the experiences of making use of the VGGT and in Senegal. As stakeholders from countries, such as Guinea, Mali and Mauritania seek inspiration from Senegal to improve governance of tenure in their own country context, this document will be an important source of inspiration. The document will also be a reference for different Donors and Partners interested in tenure governance in Senegal.


Theories of Land Reform and Their Impact on Land Reform Success in Southern Africa

Peer-reviewed publication
Novembro, 2019
África do Sul
África austral

Our purpose is to present and test a typology of land reform theories as a means of understanding and interrogating the motives behind land reform and to better equip land administrators and policymakers to enact land reform programs that are appropriate for their contexts. Here, land reform is understood to include the related concepts of land redistribution, land restitution, land tenure reform and land administration reform. The theory typology thus has application for land restitution programs specifically operating in the global South.

Land Corruption in Africa in 3 Topics

Reports & Research
Agosto, 2019

From July 17 to August 7, 2019, the Land Portal Foundation, the African Land Policy Center, GIZ and Transparency International Chapters in Ghana, Kenya and Uganda co-facilitated the dialogue Land Corruption in Africa addressing the role of traditional leaders in customary land administration, forced evictions as a form of land corruption and its Impact on women’s land rights and an analysis of alternative dispute resolution systems in addressing land corruption.

Challenges and opportunities of recognizing and protecting customary tenure systems in Myanmar

Reports & Research
Policy Papers & Briefs
Agosto, 2019

This policy brief was developed in order to enable a meaningful engagement and policy dialogue with government institutions and other relevant stakeholders about challenges and opportunities related to recognizing and protecting customary tenure in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.