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Compromiso de tenencia forestal de los pueblos indígenas y las comunidades locales

Reports & Research
Outubro, 2023

Este segundo informe anual del Grupo de Financiadores de laTenencia Forestal (FTFG) analiza el progreso en relación con el compromiso de cinco años y 1.700 millones de dólares para los derechos de tenencia y la tutela forestal de los Pueblos Indígenas y las comunidades locales (PI y CL) en países tropicales forestales anunciado en la COP26.

Engagement en faveur des droits de tenure forestière des peuples autochtones et des communautés locales

Reports & Research
Outubro, 2023

Le deuxième rapport annuel du Groupe de bailleurs de fonds pour la tenure forestière (FTFG) analyse les progrès réalisés par rapport à l'engagement quinquennal de 1,7 milliard de dollars en faveur des droits fonciers et de la garde forestière des peuples autochtones et des communautés locales (PA et CL) dans les pays forestiers tropicaux, annoncé lors de la COP26.

LAND-at-scale Mali

Policy Papers & Briefs
Outubro, 2021

This one-pager provides details on the LAND-at-scale project in Mali. This project is implemented by SNV, KIT, Université des Sciences Juridiques et Politiques de Bamako and Coordination Nationale des Organisations Paysannes, and financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs via the Netherlands Enterprise & Development Agency. 

 The financial costs of mitigating  social risks

Reports & Research
Agosto, 2021
Sub-Saharan Africa

This report assesses the costs and effectiveness of responsible investment practices in emerging market contexts. Its results make the business case for investments in social risk mitigation and avoidance practices. Such practices include community engagement efforts, impact assessments and the establishment of grievance resolution mechanisms. Implemented correctly, responsible investment practices engender confidence and trust between investors and local communities, which secures social buy-in and mitigates the financial risks associated with disputes.

Initial Insights on Land Adjudication in a Fit-for-Purpose Land Administration

Journal Articles & Books
Peer-reviewed publication
Março, 2021

Land adjudication constitute a series of sequential steps that if followed carefully and correctly, can lead to a sufficient determination of the varied interests in land including whether, and where they overlap, complement, conflict or compete with each other. This is a preliminary study aiming to find out how the adjudication process as it is conducted in the context of a fit-for-purpose land administration (FFPLA). A framework of components for adjudication in the FFPLA context is first developed.

Forest tenure pathways to gender equality: A practitioner’s guide

Reports & Research
Dezembro, 2020

This practitioner’s guide explains how to promote gender-responsive forest tenure reform in community-based forest regimes. It is aimed at those taking up this challenge in developing countries. There is no one single approach to reforming forest tenure practices for achieving gender equality and women’s empowerment. Rather, it involves taking advantage of opportunities that emerge in various institutional arenas such as policy and law-making and implementation, government administration, customary or community-based tenure governance, or forest restoration at the landscape scale.

Webinar Report: The Role of Land Certification in Securing Women's Land Rights on Collective Lands

Reports & Research
Dezembro, 2019

Evidence shows that women can benefit from having individualised land rights formalized in their names. However, similar evidence is not available for formalization of land rights that are based on collective tenure. Studies have estimated that as much as 65 percent of the world’s land is held under customary, collective-tenure systems. Improving tenure security for land held collectively has been shown to improve resource management and to support self-determination of indigenous groups.