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Abril 2021

How can maps drawn over a century ago still lead to conflict between two countries? The Southeast Asian countries of Thailand and Cambodia are neighbors with a difficult history and a shared border. Their religious similarities have made sacred spaces along the border a divisive issue, with the sacred site of Preah Vihear a central point of controversy.

Abril 2021

Responding to an invitation from the Cameroonian government to help design a new land legal framework;civil society stakeholders have issued multiple proposals over the years on the topics they think should be included in the new land law. The LandCam project has documented;analysed and consolidated these proposals.

The Role of Open Data in the Fight against Land Corruption
Relatórios e Pesquisa
Março 2021

Opening up land-related administrative data, combining it with data from other sources  and processing and making this data available as easily accessible information for women and men equally could be a means to counteracting land corruption in land management, land administration and land allocation.

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Fevereiro 2021

To promote the harmonious human-land relationships and increased urban-rural interaction, rural collective-owned commercial construction land (RCOCCL) marketization reform in some pilot areas was a new attempt by the Chinese Central Government in 2015.

Document aggregated from Resource Equity Landwise Database
Relatórios e Pesquisa
Janeiro 2021

Post-Soviet reforms in Kyrgyzstan during the 1990s and early 2000s included the allocation of land for long time use and eventual ownership to residents. 75% of arable land, including over 1 million hectares of agriculture land was distributed during this period. Land certificates named all family members, including minor children, and over half of all shares were distributed to women.

Janeiro 2021

Africa’s Catholic bishops have criticized the appropriation of land;natural resources and other economic assets by private companies and called on national governments to show greater concern for local community rights and needs.

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 PH Reinaux
8 Agosto 2022
América do Sul

O Plenário do Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF) confirmou, por maioria de votos, liminar concedida em junho pelo ministro Luís Roberto Barroso para suspender despejos e desocupações até 31/10, em razão da pandemia da covid-19.

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