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Janeiro 2024

The department of Caquetá in the Colombian Amazon plays a crucial role in addressing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from food systems, primarily stemming from land use changes, such as the conversion of forests into pastures, and agricultural practices.

Janeiro 2023

Until recent decades, labour-intensive subsistence farming was a way of life and livelihood in the hill communities of Uttarakhand, India. However, the nature of agriculture falls far short of the expectations of the main labour force, the rural youth, leading to their mass migration to non-agricultural occupations.

Janeiro 2023

Guatemala is characterized by high rates of poverty and inequality, as well as a significant incidence of violent acts and generalized social tension.

Janeiro 2023

The impacts of climate change in Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA), are already well known to farmers. Climate change affects women more negatively compared to men in five impact areas: (i) agricultural production; (ii) food and nutrition security; (iii) health; (iv) water and energy; (v) climate-related disaster, migration, and conflict.

Janeiro 2023

The central delta of the Niger is characterized by the coexistence of various production systems sharing water
and land as common elements. These systems have long interacted, complementing and substituting one another through efficient socio-spatial organization.

Janeiro 2023

To advance the use of gender-transformative approaches in climate-resilient agriculture (CRA), a review of practical resources that could support researchers and practitioners in applying gender and CRA was undertaken.

Janeiro 2023

There is ample data and literature that shows how women’s experiences in low-paid, short-term migration vary from those of men, and that experiences are linked to women’s empowerment – captured by the interrelated dimensions of resources, agency, and achievements.

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