hybrid method combining pixel-based and object-oriented methods and its application in Hungary using Chinese HJ-1 satellite images | Land Portal

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Dezembro 2013
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Pixel-based and object-oriented processing of Chinese HJ-1-A satellite imagery (resolution 30 m) acquired on 23 July 2009 were utilized for classification of a study area in Budapest, Hungary. The pixel-based method (maximum likelihood classifier for pixel-level method (MLCPL)) and two object-oriented methods (maximum likelihood classifier for object-level method (MLCOL) and a hybrid method combining image segmentation with the use of a maximum likelihood classifier at the pixel level (MLCPL)) were compared. An extension of the watershed segmentation method was used in this article. After experimenting, we chose an optimum segmentation scale. Classification results showed that the hybrid method outperformed MLCOL, with an overall accuracy of 90.53%, compared with the overall accuracy of 77.53% for MLCOL. Jeffries–Matusita distance analysis revealed that the hybrid method could maintain spectral separability between different classes, which explained the high classification accuracy in mixed-cover types compared with MLCOL. The classification result of the hybrid model is preferred over MLCPL in geographical or landscape ecological research for its accordance with patches in landscape ecology, and for continuity of results. The hybrid of image segmentation and pixel-based classification provides a new way to classify land-cover types, especially mixed land-cover types, using medium-resolution images on a regional, national, or global basis.

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Li, Xiaojiang
Meng, Qingyan
Gu, Xingfa
Jancso, Tamas
Yu, Tao
Wang, Ke
Mavromatis, Sébastien


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