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The present Act, which shall apply to the Federal Territory, has been enacted for the purpose of planning in a proper manner the use of the same territory. The Act is divided into the following ten Parts: (I) Preliminary; (II) Functions and powers of the Commissioner; (III) Development plans; (IV) Planning control; (V) Preservation and planting of trees; (VI) Development charge; (VII) Appeal Board; (VIII) Purchase notice and acquisition of land; (IX) Action areas and development areas; (X) Miscellaneous provisions.The competent Minister shall be in charge of the planning of the development of all lands falling within the Federal Territory and of their use. To this end, the Minister shall give directions to which the Commissioner must give effect. The Minister may at any time rely on the collaboration and advices to be given by the Federal Territory Planning Advisory Board, which is established by section 4. Further, Section 6 lays down the functions which belong to the Commissioner. The development plans shall be drafted and approved in accordance with the procedure fully described by Part III. No person shall use (nor permit to be used) any land otherwise than in conformity with the development plan (sect. 19). Particular attention is paid to the preservation and planting of trees as well as the making up of open spaces. In particular, the Commissioner may adopt tree preservation orders to provide for: (a) prohibiting the cutting down, topping, lopping or wilful destruction of trees; (b) securing the replanting of trees. In case of non-compliance with such preservation orders, the penalties specified under Section 38 shall be applied.

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