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Preliminary (I); Public land (II); Right of occupancy to land (III); Right of ownership of trees (IV); Grants of public lands (V), Leases (VI); Termination of rights of occupancy (VII); Miscellaneous provisions (VIII).All land in Zanzibar is declared to be public land and is vested in the President (sect. 3). Land taken by the Government is declared to be confiscated land and any irregularities in acquisition shall be resolved through procedures under the Land Adjudication Act. Section 5 concerns easements on banks of waterways. Sections 7 and 8 define the right of occupancy of land, whether granted or existing. Provisional rights of occupancy shall be registered under section 11. Section 15 concerns the size of the right of occupancy. Trees can be owned and held separately from a right of occupancy in land. Section 20 concerns inheritance of trees whereas section 21 concerns the sale of trees. Section 23 concerns the grant of right of occupancy by the Minister. The status of a grant is defined in section 26. Various provisions deal with joint holders and rights. Section 36 places restrictions on the sale of rights in land, whereas section 44 prohibits sale of rights in agricultural land. Leases may be granted by the Minister under section 46. Sections 59 and 60 concern abandoned respectively idle land.

Implemented by: Land Allocation Regulations. (2008)
Amended by: Land Tenure (Amendment) Act, 2003 (No. 15 of 2003). (2003-12-13)

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