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Why do we need development policy?

Today, our lives are much more interconnected with those of people living on other continents than ever before. We have many advantages because of that. However, it also means that we have greater responsibility than previous generations, because the international community is facing challenges for which it needs to find global solutions. Radical changes need to be made – at global level and as soon as possible. Germany is taking on its responsibility for that.

Germany's contribution to achieving international development policy objectives

A world in which everyone can live a self-determined life in freedom, a world without poverty, violent conflicts and environmental degradation – international development policy has set itself the goal of coming closer to this ideal. No state can settle the burning issues of today on its own. That is why the international community has marked out stages on the road to achieving jointly defined development goals in a number of agreements and treaties. They set the frame for global development cooperation and, of course, Germany’s contribution.

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The Role of Open Data in the Fight against Land Corruption

A Webinar Report

Relatórios e Pesquisa
Março, 2021

Opening up land-related administrative data, combining it with data from other sources  and processing and making this data available as easily accessible information for women and men equally could be a means to counteracting land corruption in land management, land administration and land allocation. But does open data and enhanced data transparency indeed help to counteract land corruption?

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Herausforderungen fuer die Entwicklungspolitik |Challenges for Development Policy

Políticas Nacionais
Janeiro, 2012

On 23rd of January the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development has launched a new position paper on large scale investment in land and its implication on development policies. Objective of the position paper is to reflect the recent dynamics. Currently the paper is available in German only.

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