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The Asian Development Bank was conceived in the early 1960s as a financial institution that would be Asian in character and foster economic growth and cooperation in one of the poorest regions in the world.

As a multilateral development finance institution, ADB provides:

  • loans
  • technical assistance
  • grants

Our clients are our member governments, who are also our shareholders. In addition, we provide direct assistance to private enterprises of developing member countries through equity investments and loans.

ADB maximizes the development impact of its assistance by

  • facilitating policy dialogues,
  • providing advisory services, and
  • mobilizing financial resources through cofinancing operations that tap official, commercial, and export credit sources

Asian Development Bank Resources

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Strengthening Water Security in Asia and the Pacific

Relatórios e Pesquisa
Agosto, 2016
Sudeste Asiático, Ásia

The Asia and Pacific region has witnessed a remarkable transition in the past 2 decades. From 1990 to 2012, more than 1 billion people in Asia and the Pacific were lifted out of extreme poverty. The region also witnessed rapid economic growth, which is expected to remain stable at a growth rate of about 5.7% for the next 2 years.

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Publicação revisada por pares
Artigos e Livros
Dezembro, 2015
Fiji, Ilhas Salomão, Papua-Nova Guiné

Climate change projections internationally accepted as being reliable indicate that most countries in the Pacific region will suffer large-scale negative impacts from climate change. These impacts are likely to include elevated air and sea-surface temperatures, increasingly unpredictable rainfall patterns, rising sea levels, and intensification of extreme weather events such as tropical cyclones and El Niño-related droughts.

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Mainstreaming Land Acquisition and Resettlement Safeguards in the Central and West Asia Region

Azerbaijan Country Assessment: Consultant's Report

Relatórios e Pesquisa
Novembro, 2014

This Country Assessment (CA) for Azerbaijan is prepared under the ADB Regional Technical Assistance (RETA) 7433: Mainstreaming Land Acquisition and Resettlement Safeguards in the Central and West Asia Region. The RETA objective is to foster more effective infrastructure development in the region through the improvement of land acquisition and resettlement (LAR) practices.This country assessment entailed an analysis of project documents, a review of national legislation and questionnaires/interviews with representatives of state agencies, and LAR-affected communities.

Library Resource
Janeiro, 2014

This working paper explores adaptation options in Central Asia. It describes the results of research conducted by a technical assistance in Central Asia. The research combined field observations with satellite-based data and created models to demonstrate the impacts of climate change on the hydrology of the Aral Sea Basin. The adaptation options explored can be summarised in three broad categories: 1) Expanding the supply of water available in the future, 2) Increasing the productivity of water and 3) Reducing future demand for water.

Library Resource
Gender equality publication cover from ADB
Relatórios e Pesquisa
Dezembro, 2013

This publication analyzes gender inequalities that constrain women’s roles in agriculture and food production, and in the long run undermine achievement of food and nutrition security in the Asia and Pacific region. It recommends priority interventions that would enhance food and nutrition security in the region by ending gender discrimination and empowering women. It argues for policy reforms to advance gender equality and strengthen country-owned food security strategies.

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