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The Regional State of Afar consists of 5 administrative zones, 32 Woredas and 28 towns.  Afar is the origin of human species, where a 4.4 million years old humanoid is recently discovered.


The capital city of the state of Afar is semera


Afar is located in the north eastern part of has a latitude and longitude of 39 14 & 42 28N and 8 49&14 30 East.


The State of Afar has got an estimated area of 96,256 square kilometers.


The total population of the region is estimated 1411902 and 86.6%of the population lives in the rural areas.

Regardig religion 96% of the population are Muslim, 3.86% Orthodox Christians, 0.43%Protestants, 0.09% Catholics and others constitute 0.02%.

The Afarigna language is predominantly (90.8%) spoken in the region. It is also the working language of the state. Other major languages spoken in the state includes Amharic 6.68%, Tigrigna 0.74%, Oromifa 0.68%, Argobigna 0.4% and Wolaitigna 0.26%.

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