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Sambhav Social Service Organization is a voluntary agency working in the areas of rural and urban development, child education and women empowerment through advocacy, direct program interventions and capacity building of the community to access the benefits of State Programs.

Sambhav has a deeply rooted goal to bring about a change in the lives of deprived communities through peoples organization and capacity building. It has been actively involved in the organizing Sahariya Tribal communities to assert their rights of equality, Health, food and secured livelihood and a respectful place in the society.

Sambhav identifies community mobilization, raising income, education, primary health care, supporting community based rehabilitation of disabled persons, conservation of natural resources and advocacy for civil and legal rights as essential program areas to fight poverty in the project areas.

Sambhav has been present among the tribal communities for almost more than 20 years, its relationship are not merely on activities or programs. Relationship is at friendship and neighborhood level. Over a period Sambhav has been successful in building strong trust based on mutual respect and partnership. Its interventions have been at individual, family and group levels for mobilization and collective decision making skills.

SAMBHAV has been closely working on the issues of women empowerment and tribal upliftment among the Sahariya and other Adivasi communities in Ghatigaon vicinity of Gwalior district. Over the years SAMBHAV has been able to mobilize women and marginalized communities to get together and come up as a tribal pressure group at the village level to demand for services and rights through advocacy efforts. Community based organization like Shabari Mahila Mukti Morcha, Mahila Kranti Manch, Sahariya Jan Andolan and Adivasi Sangraam Parishad have significantly contributed in amplifying the voices of marginalized communities.

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