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We work very closely with MICAIA Foundation, providing business development services to some of MICAIA’s economic livelihoods work. These services include feasibility studies, market research, business planning, technical training, management, marketing and distribution. In some cases we mobilize financial investment, usually a mix of low-cost loans or equity contributions from social impact investors.

As a business, Eco-MICAIA aims to be commercially successful, but we only work on business development when it will bring lasting benefit to the type of people MICAIA exists to support. Also, any profit made by Eco-MICAIA in the long-term will be reinvested in MICAIA’s work either through the Foundation or directly in supporting new inclusive businesses.

The main sectors of interest for Eco-MICAIA are natural products, agriculture and tourism. For profiles of some of our work in these sectors, click here. So far, more than 3,000 people have been given new market opportunities as a result of Eco-MICAIA’s investment in creating new local enterprises.

Eco-MICAIA’s Board of Directors is drawn from MICAIA Foundation and MICAIA UK. The company is led by Managing Director, Andrew Kingman.

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The project supported women in 14 communities incorporating 23 villages across two Districs in Northern Mozambique to get secure access to land/trees and an improved income from those trees. The Project achieved this by:

  • obtaining secure access rights to Baobab trees through the development of natural resource management plans;
  • providing training in how to make organic-certified Baobab fruit pulp and the procurement of contracts with a local private company, Boabab Products Mozambique Ltd (BPM);

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