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Forest Right Act. Org is a dedicated website for forest rights act information in India. The website is managed by Vasundhara organisation. 

Vasundhara is a research and policy advocacy group that works on environment conservation and sustainable livelihood issues. Our organisation was initially conceived to support and strengthen community-based initiatives to protect and conserve forests in the state of Orissa. Over the years, while working and retaining its focus on community forestry, Vasundhara has developed a more explicit focus on the sustainable livelihood of the marginalised sections. We are also embarking on a more direct action on different environmental and biodiversity conservation issues. The interface of conservation and livelihoods now forms the core of our interventions Resources

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Relatórios e Pesquisa
Dezembro, 2016

This report seeks to highlight the potential of FRA, assess its achievements, identify the bottlenecks, and find the ways forward. Its objectives are to:

Make a quantitative estimate of forest land that has the potential to be recognized as CFR area, and compare it to the actual forest area recognized asCFRs across the country;

Assess the qualitative potential of FRA for gender equal development, poverty alleviation, climate change and biodiversity conservation;

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