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Online Burma/Myanmar Library
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The Online Burma/Myanmar Library (OBL) is a non-profit online research library mainly in English and Burmese serving academics, activists, diplomats, NGOs, CSOs, CBOs and other Burmese and international actors. It is also, of course, open to the general public. Though we provide lists of Burma/Myanmar news sources, the Library’s main content is not news but in-depth articles, reports, laws, videos and links to other websites, We provide a search engine (database and full text) and an alphabetical list of categories and sub-categories, but the Library is best accessed through browsing the 100 or so categories which lead to sub- and sub-sub categories. These tools should be used in combination.



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Towards a Sustainable Land Administration and Management System in Myanmar မြနမ် ာနိငု ်င၏ံ ရေရှညတ် ညတ် သံ့ ည့ ် မြေယာအပု ခ် ျုပေ် ရးနှင့ ် စီမ

Reports & Research
Agosto, 2017

မြနမ် ာနိငု ်င၏ံ
ရေရှညတ် ညတ် သံ့ ည့ ်
မြေယာအပု ခ် ျုပေ် ရးနှင့ ်
စီမခံ န့ခ် ွဲမစှု နစ်ဆသီ ိ့…ု .
မြေယာကဏ္ဍ၏ လိအု ပခ် ျကမ် ျားအပေါ် စစီ စအ် ကဲဖြတမ် ဆှု ိငု ရ် ာ
အကြောငး် အရာအလိကု ် မဝူ ါဒရေးရာမတှ စ် မု ျား

Dealing with displacement in Myanmar’s peace process (Working Paper).

Reports & Research
Agosto, 2017

Executive Summary:
"Myanmar has been engaged in a process of political change since 2011. A central goal of these reforms
has been the attempt to resolve political conflicts between ethnic armed organisations (EAOs) and the
Myanmar Government. Talks began under the ‘civilian
government’ led by Thein Sein and have continued
under the National League of Democracy (NLD)
led Government. However, several years of talks have
produced little concrete progress.
This is a complex peace process, which has only the partial inclusion

Land key to IDPs’ livelihoods

Reports & Research
Julho, 2017

This article explores some of the realities of supporting income generation for displaced people in conflict settings, drawing on experiences in Kachin, northern Myanmar, suggesting development and humanitarian actors need to better acknowledge limitations and rethink our approaches.

Stop Coal Mining in Nam Ma

Reports & Research
Junho, 2017

In 2004, Ngwe Yi Pale Company began coal mining in Nam Ma tract of Hsipaw township. The mining has destroyed farmlands and irrigation sources, and caused water and air pollution, mi-pacing over 3,000 people. The Nam Ma villagers have been calling for a stop to the mining since April 1, 2016, but the company has continued expanding the mining area. In May 2016, the Burma Army carried out an attack in the area to clear out the Shan State Progress Party/Shan State Army, and protect the mining operations. Villagers were killed, arrested and beaten.