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Community Organizations Sierra Leone Network on the Right to Food
Sierra Leone Network on the Right to Food
Sierra Leone Network on the Right to Food
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Sierra Leone
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Civil Society Organization

The Land for Life Initiative is a joint endeavor of civil

The Sierra Leone Network on the Right to Food (SiLNoRF) was established in 2008 as an African civil society mechanism to work exclusively on right to food issues. It was created just after the establishment of the African Network on the Right to Food (ANoRF) in Cotonou in 2008. Following the Cotonou declaration of ANoRF, several Civil Society Organisations, NGOs, CBOs working in the areas of Human Rights Advocacy became members of SiLNoRF.

The organization particularly engages in the northern region of the country, with its headquarter in Makeni. SiLNoRF works towards the effective and efficient realization of the Right to Food in Sierra Leone through lobby, advocacy, monitoring and continuous engagement with relevant stakeholders.

SiLNoRF has also collected, documented and published evidences of injustices in the land sector. Such evidences include violations of women’s tenure rights, marginalisation of other vulnerable groups, and informal settlement of land disputes, non-transparent processes and agreements that bears little regard for the value of land for landowners/users.