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Justine N.

Justine Uvuza is currently a freelance consultant in land governance and rights, gender and social inclusion, women and girl’s empowerment (political participation, economic empowerment and women’s rights awareness and practice), governance, peacebuilding, and human rights. She is a lawyer specializing in Law in Development and holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology (Gender and Women's Studies). Dr. Uvuza has more than two decades of experience with non-governmental organizations, bilateral and multilateral donors, academic institutions, and civil service in Sub-Saharan Africa. She has dedicated her career to ensuring that historically underrepresented groups can access their rights and express their full humanity. She has experience in management, capacity development, political economy, stakeholder coordination and consensus-building, policy and legal analysis and writing, project proposal writing and fundraising, and community mobilization.


Freelance consultant

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