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January 2011

Meeting food security, nutrition and gender equality objectives entails applying development approaches that allow rural communities to participate and take control of their future. Of the many approaches used by FAO, there is one that is particularly effective at enabling the most marginalised groups, including women, to take ownership of their development and achieve economic and social empowerment: introducing gender into communication for development. Capacities for harnessing the full power of this approach are fairly limited and there have been relatively few theoretical examinations of the subject.

In Communicating Gender for Rural Development, the FAO-Dimitra Project shares its experience in this area. Aimed at all development practitioners, the publication encourages the inclusion of a gender perspective in communication for development initiatives in rural areas. It suggests practical ways of going about this, thus aiming to change attitudes and working practices so that projects and programmes take greater account of the specificities, needs and aspirations of men and women.

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