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23 July 2021
  • A new report highlights systemic social and environmental problems that continue to plague the Indonesian palm oil industry and ripple far up the global palm oil supply chain.
JPM senses foul play in land deal
3 May 2019

PRESIDENT John Mangufuli has smelt a rat in the distribution of 5,975 hectares of land repossessed from Kaunga and Mbarali rice farms and directed Mbeya regional authorities to submit the names of all beneficiaries to his office. The land in question meant for ditribution to villagers in the area but President Magufuli suspected that it could have landed in wrong hands. 

Hema Beverages conned in land deal, runs to court
13 May 2021

A mineral water company Hema Beverages has run to court in a case in which it seeks to recover Shs216m from a real estate cum land seller.

Hema Beverages claims it was defrauded in a land deal after it later discovered that the land they had paid for had already been sold.  





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The Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment (CCSI), a joint center of Columbia Law School and the Earth Institute at Columbia University, is the only university-based applied research center and forum dedicated to the study, practice and discussion of sustainable international investment.


Our mission is to develop practical approaches for governments, investors, communities and other stakeholders to maximize the benefits of international investment for sustainable development.


The Land Matrix is an independent global land monitoring initiative that promotes transparency and accountability in decisions over large-scale land acquisitions (LSLAs) in low- and middle-income countries across the world. The initiative actively collects information about land deals from publicly available sources (such as media, internet, research, contracts, and government and company websites), while partner organisations contribute through their own field research.

The Land Observatory is a pilot project by some partners of the Land Matrix, designed to provide greater context and deeper insight on land deals, from a more local perspective.

We are co-creating software with partner organizations in pilot countries that will allow for them to

Logo is an online repository of publicly available contracts for large-scale land, agriculture, and forestry projects. The repository includes the full text of contracts; plain language summaries (also referred to as "annotations") of each contract’s key social, environmental, human rights, fiscal, and operational terms; and tools for searching and comparing contracts.

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