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Map of Azerbaijan


Azerbaijan has a majority urban-based population and an economy fuelled by oil reserves. As a result of the land reform, the land fund of the republic was distributed among private, municipal and state properties. Livestock is the most important agricultural activity, with pastures placed under state control and leased out to farmers.
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Land Area
8,265,000 ha
14,431.7 USD
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The Lachin Corridor has been blocked since mid-December by Azerbaijani protesters claiming to be environmental activists

UN Court Orders Azerbaijan To Unblock Lachin Corridor Amid Armenian Accusations Of 'Ethnic Cleansing'

22 February 2023

The UN's top court has ordered Azerbaijan to allow free passage through the Lachin Corridor, which extends between Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh, a part of Azerbaijan clawed back from ethnic Armenians in 2020.

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Armenian activists protest over Karabakh road link standoff

31 December 2022

Hundreds of opposition supporters rallied in the Armenian capital on Wednesday, urging the government to  unblock a vital road to the separatist region of Nagorno-Karabakh.

Perspectives | Suddenly a borderland: The new borderization between Armenia and Azerbaijan

25 November 2022

Azerbaijan and Armenia work on agreement to demarcate their shared border



As part of the Soviet Union all land and means of production were kept under state ownership, with productive land divided into state-owned farms (sovkhoz), collective farms (kolkhoz) and auxiliary plots for household production.

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An office on four wheels brings land administration services to isolated populations

By Victoria Stanley, Senior Rural Development and Land Specialist at the World Bank I recently had the opportunity to see the mobile offices run by the State Service for the Registration of Real Estate (SSRRE) of the Republic of Azerbaijan.  These mobile offices provide the same services any…