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Map of Gabon


Located in Central Africa, Gabon has some rather unique characteristics in terms of land tenure. It is indeed one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world, one of the most urbanized and one of the richest in forests. Gabon's economy is mainly based on the exploitation of natural resources, notably oil, mining and timber. These activities occupy the vast majority of the territory. In 2022, Gabon was the most prosperous country in Africa with a high human development index.
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Land Area
25,767,000 ha
13,813.7 USD

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Women play an important role in managing forest resources

Reimagining governance of the Commons in Cameroon

1 November 2022

Among Cameroonian climate activists, there is a growing desire for the rights and voices of women, youth, and communities to be included in the decisions that affect their forests and their future.  

Rain forest, photo by Axel Rouvin, Flickr, License CC BY 2.0

Gabon sets example of how to preserve the Congo Basin rainforest

31 August 2022

Gabon claims it has preserved its natural environment with satellite imagery and environment-first policies – and some industry insiders agree.

The last stand? Community in Gabon calls on government to halt logging of their sacred forest, a unique and historic initiative

1 March 2022

In northeast Gabon, the Kota community of Massaha has sustained their customary lands and sacred forest for generations. They are now seeking formal government recognition and protection against the imminent threat of logging.   The Massaha community has reiterated their long-standing request to…



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In conversation: Rights-based approaches for forest protection initiatives

In conversation: Rights-based approaches for forest protection initiatives Diverse perspectives on the development of solid benefit sharing and community contracting Wednesday 12th May | 10:00 am – 11.30 am (BST) | Via Zoom   Register from here Initiatives aimed at tackling the climate crisis…