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Japan enacts law recognizing Ainu as indigenous, but activists say it falls short of U.N. declaration

19 April 2019

Japan enacted legislation Friday aimed at protecting and promoting the culture of the Ainu ethnic minority through financial assistance, while at the same time stipulating for the first time that they are an “indigenous” people. The law requires the central and local governments to promote Ainu…

Bill Officially Recognizes Japan's Ainu As Indigenous People

16 February 2019

The Ainu people have long been repressed by a forced-assimilation policy which has resulted in significant income and education gaps. After suffering decades of discrimination, Japan’s Ainu minority community will officially be recognized - for the first time - as an Indigenous people, under the…

N. territories deal may end compensation claims

8 January 2019

The Yomiuri ShimbunThe Japanese government intends to propose that Japan and Russia mutually abandon rights to compensation and other claims over the four northern islands during negotiations on a peace treaty, according to sources close to the bilateral talks. The idea has emerged to form an…

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A Story about Maize: Tracing a value chain from land-use to supermarket shelf

13 May 2022

This Land Portal data story looks at the increase of maize production in and around Thailand, and its relation to a poultry value chain as an ingredient in animal feed. 

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International Seminar, "REDD+ Finance Mechanism and Its Optimum Use - How to incentivize forest conservation"

Background and Objectives Multiple funds and finance mechanisms have contributed in promoting forest-related activities in developing countries. Designing an effective finance scheme is one of the key elements to enhance effective and efficient forest conservation and sustainable forest management…