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After achieving independence in 1960, Senegal experienced several years of economic growth, mostly based on agricultural resources and increases in productivity. Senegal has a population of about 12 million people; 58% of the population is rural, but the majority of people living in rural areas are poor. Although 60% of the population works in the agricultural sector, agriculture accounts for only 15% of the total GDP of the country.

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Land registration team in Madagascar

Join us at the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA) 2022 for the Expert Panel 12 - Beyond Policy Change: using the VGGT to secure tenure rights for farmers!

21 January 2022

Location: Livestream on the GFFA website ( If you want to participate actively in the Global Forum on Food & Agriculture and receive information about all events, please register here: Languages: German, English, French…

Train express de Dakar: la grogne des expropriés

25 December 2021

Ils sont mécaniciens, maraîchers ou autres occupants expropriés le long du tracé du Train express régional de Dakar (TER) devant être inauguré lundi et réclament 76 millions d'euros à l'Etat sénégalais. "Le TER nous a appauvris. C'est un projet qui a produit des morts-vivants", affirme à l'AFP…

Accès des femmes au foncier : L’engagement des ministères en charge de la femme et de l’agriculture

18 December 2021

Pour plus d’un, l’appui aux initiatives socio-économiques des femmes est chose indispensable dans la relance des économies de nos États, surtout en cette période post pandémie. Pour cette frange qui constitue plus de la moitié (52%) de la population sénégalaise, 6 d’entre-elles sur 10 vivent et…



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Top 3 Challenges in Opening Up Land Data, excerpt from the Revised Open Up Guide to Land Governance

25 October 2021

The excerpt highlights the top three challenges any government faces in opening up their land data. Navigating these challenges is a top priority for the Land Portal as we begin to collaborate with national governments to put the Open Up Guide into practice. 

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Webinar: Realizing women’s land rights in Africa

Webinar: Realizing women’s land rights in Africa

In October 2016, women farmers from 22 countries across Africa climbed the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro to claim women’s rights for access to and control over land and natural resources. This event coincided with the launch of a campaign of the African Land Policy Centre (ALPC) to reach the target of…