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Map of Sierra-Leone

Sierra Leone

Land is an essential source of livelihood for a majority of Sierra Leoneans. Most of Sierra Leone’s population lives in rural areas and it’s GDP is largely based on agriculture. The three main livelihood activities surveyed in the 2015 population and housing census are crop farming, animal husbandry and fishery, which depend largely on access to and ownership of land. Smallholders mostly cultivate rice, cassava, cocoa, coffee, cashew, groundnut, palm oil, vegetables and other fruit trees.
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Land registration team in Madagascar

Join us at the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA) 2022 for the Expert Panel 12 - Beyond Policy Change: using the VGGT to secure tenure rights for farmers!

21 January 2022

Location: Livestream on the GFFA website ( If you want to participate actively in the Global Forum on Food & Agriculture and receive information about all events, please register here: Languages: German, English, French…

Sierra Leone civil society condemns land grabbing

Sierra Leone civil society condemns land grabbing

7 November 2020

A group of civil society organisations called the Sierra Leone Land Alliance (SLLA) has released a report critical of the situation land ownership and acquisition in the country, with particular emphasis on the Western area. The report titled: “Land grabbing in a time of Covid-19 in Sierra Leone”,…

‘They took it over by force’: Corruption and palm oil in Sierra Leone

30 June 2020

Sierra Leone is among the poorest countries in the world. In the 1990s, when other African countries were privatizing key industries in order to attract foreign investment and become eligible for international loans, a civil war was raging in Sierra Leone that prevented the country from taking part…

Sierra Leone


“In the last years mining, as well as large-scale farming operations have been set up all over the country. In a context of weak land governance, these investments are leading to a lot of conflicts with communities ”
<strong>Berns Komba Lebbie </strong>
<em>National coordinator</em>
Land for Life Sierra Leone Consortium

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Disillusioned But Not Defeated: How a Rural Village Took on a Foreign Investor

30 July 2021

It was good land. Before the company’s arrival in 2011, the people of Ngovokpahun village had used it to grow cocoa and other cash crops to help them pay for their children’s education. But when Italian Agriculture offered to build them a school, health center, and roads, provide them with…

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RESPONSIBLE LAND  INVESTMENT FOR  SUSTAINABLE FOOD  SYSTEMS: Taking stock of lessons from responsible land investment pilots, partnerships and platforms

Responsible land investment for sustainable food systems

Taking stock of lessons from pilots, partnerships and multi-stakeholder platforms with governments, CSOs and business to implement the VGGT. This event highlighted the importance of equitable governance of land and natural resource tenure for sustainable investment in agriculture and natural…