Monica Lengoiboni | Land Portal


I am assistant professor in Land Policy and Land Management at the PGM Department since April 2014. I hold an MSc degree in Geo-Information Science from Wageningen University (2003); and a PhD degree in Land Administration (2011 – also from Wageningen University). My PhD research focused on the land rights of nomadic pastoralists as exercised through their seasonal migrations (thus moving land rights in time and space), in the context of formal land administration – which focuses on fixing land rights on land parcels through adjudication, surveying and rights registration. The study explored the land tenure options suitable for supporting pastoralists’ moving land rights in the formal and administration system.  During my PhD tenure I was also involved in the development and testing of the Social Tenure Domain Model (STDM) prototype – a pro poor land registration tool supported by UN-Habitat. I did work with the Dutch Kadaster (Kadaster International) 2005-2007 in Apeldoorn in the Netherlands before starting my PhD in 2007. 



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