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How is the land situation in...

Here you can learn about the land governance context in various countries. Besides a comprehensive description, you will find links to publications, news, blogs and more related resources. The country portfolios are developed by a team of researchers and peer-reviewed by highly experienced land specialists in each country.

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Bolivia is one of the 16 megadiverse countries on the planet, which has given it diverse eco-regions. The evolution of the land situation in the country, closely connected to the demands of the indigenous population, reached


Guinea-Bissau has been described as a country of “precarious complexity”. Home to more than 20 ethnic groupings Guinea-Bissau fought one of the longest wars on the African continent to end centuries of Portuguese control. It finally


In the post-Soviet era, Georgia initially suffered from conflict, extensive outmigration, and a resultant contraction of its economy, before achieving sustained growth over the past decade. While urban and most arable land is now


An immense country in population and land size, land governance in India was significantly affected by the transition from a socialist to a market economy since the 1980s. There is complexity both due to the high number of laws relating

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