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Uruguay is one of the smallest countries in South America and is unofficially defined as the only one without a native indigenous population. Two phenomena have characterized land governance in Uruguay: the concentration of land in the hands of corporations and public limited companies and the significant presence of foreign capital in the land market. Unlike other countries in the region, land concentration has not led to an expansion of the agricultural frontier, which has helped prevent violent conflicts or illegalities in access to land.
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La mayor extranjerización de tierras en la historia del país

13 February 2024

De 8,6 millones de hectáreas vendidas entre 2000 y 2019 en Uruguay, más de 6 millones fueron, por vía de la excepción, a sociedades anónimas, en su mayoría extranjeras

Socioeconomic impacts of tree plantations overwhelmingly negative for local people

24 December 2018

Uruguay - The results are dispiriting, if not unsurprising: a systematic review of the available literature has found that the socioeconomic impacts of large-scale tree plantations have been mostly negative for local people. Intensively managed, large-scale tree monocultures now make up roughly…

El capitalismo y la renta del suelo en Uruguay. Entrevista

7 May 2017

Hace unas cuantas décadas que en Uruguay no son comunes las reflexiones en economía política fuera de la órbita del pensamiento dominante.



Land use in Uruguay has been linked mainly to livestock, agriculture and forestry. Official data from 2022 show that more than 13 million hectares are dedicated to livestock.

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7 Unexpected Places for Forest Landscape Restoration

26 May 2019

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