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Land & Climate Change

Land use, land tenure, and climate change are closely intertwined. The effects of climate change, manifested in either rapid or slow-onset ways, has altered how land and natural resources are accessed, used, and contested. As a result, global warming also contributes to destabilizing existing land and resource governance institutions and property rights.

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The Land Portal at the World Bank Land Conference 2024

8 May 2024

For over two decades, the World Bank Land Conference has been an important and necessary forum for the land sector, bringing together participants from governments, development partners, civil society, academia, and the private sector to showcase research, discuss issues and good practice, and…


FAO Vacancy Announcement: Land Tenure Officer for Asia and the Pacific region

28 February 2024

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is seeking qualified candidates for the below position: Vacancy Announcement 2400483 - Land Tenure Officer, P-3, Bangkok

Local Counterpart Rwanda LAND at scale

We're hiring a Local Project Consultant for LAND-at-scale Rwanda!

15 February 2024

Kadaster International is seeking the support of a local project consultant throughout the remainder of the project period to foster relationships, stay abreast of developments and stakeholder activities, as well as guide the Kadaster experts from the Netherlands in the execution of their trainings…


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by Ally Griffin (@pixel_goods)

Beyond Transparency: Meaningful and Inclusive Public Participation to Counter Land Corruption in Carbon Markets

4 June 2024

In Cambodia, a recent Human Rights Watch report documents how Indigenous Chong people have faced eviction and criminal charges following the establishment of a carbon offsetting project on their lands. In Kenya, “the world’s largest soil carbon removal project”, whose credits have been used to…

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When carbon markets go wrong

When carbon markets go wrong: How to ensure access to remedy for land tenure violations

8 February 2024

This webinar will explore what access to remedy might look like for communities in the global carbon market system, with a focus on issues of land and resources tenure. Hearing from communities impacted by carbon markets and experts in grievance mechanism design, the webinar will highlight the key…