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15 January 2020

Last week, our colleague Ghanimat Azhdari was one of the 176 people who lost their lives in a plane that crashed just outside of Tehran, Iran.  While our interaction with Ghanimat was brief, our team had the pleasure and honour of working with Ghanimat at the First Arab Land Conference, which took place in Dubai in February of 2018. 

Climate Crisis
9 December 2019

Solving the climate crisis is possible, but vested economic interests and a lack of political will are in the way.


We can’t tackle the climate crisis without tackling corruption.


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Behind high-rise buildings and skyscrapers hides poverty and inequality in urban Angola
27 January 2020
Antonio Inguane

Will skyscrapers one day represent the prosperity that every Angolan citizen has dreamed about? Perhaps.

From the Middle East to North America, high-rise buildings and skyscrapers are cropping up as a symbol of wealth and prosperity in global cities. Modern Africa has experienced unprecedented urban growth and embraced zoning regulations and reforms that incentivize high-density growth and mixed-use buildings in major metropolitan areas. 

During my recent trip to Luanda, the capital of Angola, the first thing that caught my attention was the city’s skyline.

Foto: Estevão Manuel
13 January 2020
Da terra podem sair produtos para alimentar a indústria transformadora que pode vir a desenvolver-se nos próximos tempos, o que, a acontecer, poderá incentivar a produção agrícola, com ganhos para os camponeses e para a sociedade.
Os camponeses precisam entretanto de possuir documentos que atestem a titularidade dos espaços em que cultivam, sem receio de serem perturbados por indivíduos gananciosos que se querem apropriar de terras, não tendo em muitos casos vocação para as aproveitar convenientemente.

Recent news

27 January 2020

Greater international support for indigenous land rights and livelihoods is a cost-effective way to limit climate change, PNAS study

23 January 2020
Southern Africa
South Africa

In theory, South Africa has strong laws to protect the property ownership and inheritance rights of all women. However, a 2018 study conducted by Bongi Owusu for her master’s dissertation in social science at the University of KwaZulu-Natal found that these laws are often not implemented in rural Zulu-speaking communities. She explains how this prejudices widows in particular.

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