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Stories help to bring data to life.

Land Portal's data stories reflect on key issues about land rights and land governance presenting data in innovative ways using photos, maps, infographics and other visual elements. They are written by Land Portal's researchers and/or partners, taking the readers through a narrative that shows the context behind the data.  


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Stories from the Land Portal

Browse the most recent stories, drafted and published by the team at the Land Portal.

data story climate, conflict and displacement in the Sahel
7 December 2023
Dr. Rick de Satgé
Western Sahara
Eastern Africa
Middle Africa
Burkina Faso

Is climate change really the driver of conflict and displacement across the Sahel? This data story explores the history of conflicts in the region, the overlap with climate events and a wide range of institutional factors to investigate this question. The cases of Mali, Burkina Faso and Somalia are used as examples.

Data story banner, Simien Mountains National Park, Ethiopia, by Leonard A. Floyd
16 November 2023
Dr. Marie Gagné

Has land formalization - as a type of land reform - delivered on the promises of improving tenure security, agricultural productivity and women's land access? Learn more in this data story.

complexities of measuring land projects impact
6 September 2023
Dr. Nieves Zúñiga

This data story reflects on the complexities of measuring the impact of land governance projects and summarize some of the best practices on impact evaluation from the well-known guidelines on the topic.

Stories from the Network

Browse the most recent stories, drafted by the partners and colleagues within our network.

Data story about Gunmaku Community, Aracataca, Colombia
16 January 2024

Description of the LAND-at-scale Colombia activities in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta (English)

Data story land project in Colombia
8 January 2024

Description of the LAND-at-scale project activities in the Indigenous Reserve La Teófila la Arenosa in Solano, Caquetá - Colombia (English)

12 July 2022
Mr. Manuel Enrique Pérez Martinez

En la ciudad de Bogotá (Colombia) la expansión de las actividades humanas asociadas al crecimiento poblacional para proveer bienes y servicios, ha intensificado el uso y cambio de paisajes rurales. En esta historia de dados se explora como estos procesos complejos han repercutido en alteraciones de los sistemas terrestres y acuáticos en el borde urbano-rural de la ciudad.

Data Story Contest Winners

Our annual Data Stories Contest calls for dynamic land related stories that capture attention and present data in innovative and engaging ways. Browse through the list of recent winners here.
15 October 2020
Mr. Simon Norfolk
Maria Muianga

This is the story of how dozens of communities in Mozambique are mapping and documenting their own land rights. "A New Hope" is the winner of the Land Portal's Second Data Story Contest, and is authored by the team at Terra Firma Mozambique.  


30 May 2019
Jur Schuurman

We meet Rosalía in a roadside café in a dusty town in the Quiché department, in Guatemala’s Western Highlands. She lowers her voice whenever people come in – you never know who might be listening. Land is sensitive stuff, especially in Quiché, a region that still bears, perhaps more than any other part of Guatemala, the scars of the civil war (1960-1996) – as we will see. In 2018 alone, 15 defenders of land rights in Guatemala have been killed with total impunity, several of them in Quiché.

sierra leone.jpg
30 May 2019
Ms. Caroline Long
Sierra Leone

This story was submitted as part of the Land Portal Data Stories Contest and was the recipient of the second prize. 

28 May 2019
Dr. Konrad Hentze

This data story gives an overview of current land grabbing databases, their lack of spatial information and how remote sensing datasets can overcome this lack when being used to detect large scale agricultural production schemes.

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