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Indigenous & Community Land Rights

Estimates of the amount of land held in terms of customary and Indigenous systems of land rights vary widely across contexts. According to the Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI), communities and Indigenous Peoples are estimated to hold as much as 65% of the world’s land area under customary systems.

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Photo: UN Women/Deepika Nath

New Portfolio on Indigenous and Community Land Rights

24 November 2023

In the run up to COP28, the Land Portal Foundation has published a completely revised and updated Indigenous and Communities Land Rights thematic portfolio. While world leaders attending COP28 have recognized the important role of indigenous communities in the fight against climate change, most…

NEWS: Land Portal celebrates 80 country profiles

13 November 2023

We are celebrating the Land Portal's 80th country profile -- Iraq -- and the 79 that stand behind it. This rich collection represents seven years of work and underpins the Land Portal's commitment to making land information open and accessible. We publish profiles in English, French, Spanish, and…

FORESTS NEWS For many Indigenous communities, land titles aren’t the same as tenure security

19 October 2023

In communities’ visions of a secure future, good governance, transparency, and respect for customary rights matter more than a piece of paper


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I am not afraid to speak up

I am not afraid to speak up

23 November 2023

Since engaging in WOLTS training, gender and land champion Sindooi is actively supporting women and widows' inheritance rights in her community.

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Traditional Authorities

The role of African traditional authorities in land-based investment governance

16 November 2023

By examining the landscapes of multiple African countries, we will unearth the myriad experiences of traditional leaders, emphasizing the variances in their legislative authority and the weight of their word. By drawing upon actual case studies, the discourse will underscore potential friction…