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Land & Investments

Land investments encompass a wide range of activity in forestry, agriculture, mining, industry, urban infrastructure, tourism, and conservation. Theoretical benefits see investment bringing capital, jobs, technology and knowledge transfer, and infrastructure development to a locality. Yet a wave of agribusiness plantation deals over the past 15 years has also highlighted the risks land investments can create, including land conflict and dispossession.

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Private sector tool to guide through manuals and best practices on responsible land-based investments

Explore lessons learned on responsible land investments from over 5 years.


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Group Picture RGIL CW

Guidance for Agricultural Investments towards enhanced responsibility

18 December 2023

A project of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, co-funded by the EU and implemented through the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH has been striving to ensure that investments in land are productive, contribute to sustainable land management,…

New country profile: Iraq

15 November 2023

A country with major recent troubles, Iraq also has a history of land laws that goes back thousands of years, starting from the Babylonian period in 1810 BC. The country profile examines land issues in Iraq in the context of its long history, post-war development goals, land conflicts, legal system…

NEWS: Land Portal celebrates 80 country profiles

13 November 2023

We are celebrating the Land Portal's 80th country profile -- Iraq -- and the 79 that stand behind it. This rich collection represents seven years of work and underpins the Land Portal's commitment to making land information open and accessible. We publish profiles in English, French, Spanish, and…


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Traditional authorities need a clearer role in land governance

7 May 2024

Traditional authorities in Zambia complain that the government does not consult them when land is allocated for investment projects, while communities say chiefs are neglecting their interests. Jesinta Kunda of Zambia Land Alliance says more clarity is needed on the role of traditional authorities,…

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When carbon markets go wrong

When carbon markets go wrong: How to ensure access to remedy for land tenure violations

8 February 2024

This webinar will explore what access to remedy might look like for communities in the global carbon market system, with a focus on issues of land and resources tenure. Hearing from communities impacted by carbon markets and experts in grievance mechanism design, the webinar will highlight the key…