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An Ethiopian female farmer with a land certificate

More than 100.000 households with secured land rights!

30 June 2021

In May 2021, the numbers of households whose land rights have been secured with the support by the Global Programme Responsible Land Policy have reached a peak: Thanks to the hard work of our partners and project teams, 110.163 households had their land legally documented by then, corresponding to…

“We can still catch up”: second Tenure Facility webinar explores biodiversity and climate change in light of COVID-19

“We can still catch up”: webinar explores biodiversity and climate change in light of COVID-19

14 September 2020

As the world struggles to deal with the shockwaves created by the Coronavirus pandemic, scientists have been drawing direct links between the emergence of new diseases, collapsing biodiversity and the destruction of vital forestlands which for generations have been stewarded by Indigenous Peoples…

No Land in Paraguay

23 March 2020

The preservation of indigenous peoples’ territories in Paraguay has a vital role in maintaining spiritual, cultural, and communal well­being. Despite this important reality, many indigenous communities’ bonds with their land have been shattered. Paraguay’s nineteen indigenous groups abound in…

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Terraced Fields Credit: ©2010CIAT/NeilPalmer

Responsible Land-Based Investments: Interview with Amaelle Seigneret

12 May 2021

As part of the launch of the Responsible Land-Based Investment Navigator 2.0, the Land Portal spoke with Amaelle Seigneret, Researcher at the International Institute for Environment and Development, to hear what’s new. The Navigator is meant to help governments, civil society and businesses…