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Biblioteca Law on Land Reclamation (No. 1-323 of 1993).

Law on Land Reclamation (No. 1-323 of 1993).

Law on Land Reclamation (No. 1-323 of 1993).

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This Law regulates the design of land reclamation facilities, their use and protection, the financing and implementation of land reclamation works, legal relationships with respect to land reclamation.The 15 articles of this Act are divided into 4 Chapters, i.e. General Regulations (I); Financing, state expert examination and supervision, cadaster of land reclamation (II); Rights and obligations of citizens of the Republic of Lithuania, organizations and users of land reclamation facilities (III); Liability for violations of the Law of Land Reclamation (IV).Land reclamation facilities are drainage, ditches, embankments and other hydrotechnic constructions, irrigation facilities and the local roads which are located in reclaimed areas (art. 1). Article 4 makes provision for the ownership and privatization of land reclamation facilities. The Ministry of Agriculture prepares programmes of land reclamation. Local state land reclamation agencies shall be owners of state land reclamation facilities (art. 5). Minor reclamation works, to be defined by the Ministry of Agriculture, shall be financed by landowners or users. Other land reclamation works shall be financed from the state budget (art. 7). The cadaster of reclaimed land and the cadaster of land reclamation facilities shall form an integrated part of the state land cadaster (art. 9). Legal and natural persons being users of land reclamation facilities have the right to be informed regarding land reclamation and to participate in discussions concerning programs and projects (art. 10). Landowners shall allow land reclamation facilities on their land which are needed to reclaim land of neighbours (art. 11).

Implemented by: Procedure for the attachment for use of state-owned land reclamation facilities (Government Decision No. 224). (1994-03-31)
Implemented by: Procedure for state expert examination of land reclamation projects (Government Decision No. 223 of 1994). (1994-03-31)
Implemented by: Regulations for the state supervision of land reclamation works (Government Decision No. 223 of 1994). (1994-03-31)

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