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Land is the public property and it shall not be liable to sale, exchange, donation, mortgage except for cases envisaged by the national legislation. Legal persons can manage land parcels on condition of land usufruct, permanent use, temporary use, and lease, while natural persons can manage land parcels on condition of lifelong hereditary land tenure, temporary land tenure and lease. Sublease of the plots of land conceded on lease shall be prohibited. The right of lifelong land tenure, certified by the state act, shall be granted to the Uzbek nationals for the purpose of: (a) management of dehkan or peasant farm; (b) individual housing construction; and (c) collective gardening and vineyard. Land legislation shall be based on the following principles: (a) soil conservation and soil improvement; (b) rational and purposeful land use; (c) land reclamation and land protection; (d) various forms of landownership; and (e) paid land use. Land resources shall be classified as: (a) agricultural land; (b) inhabited land areas; (c) industrial land; (d) protected land; (e) forest land; (f) waterland areas; and (g) reserve land. Arable agricultural lands with cadastre evaluation exceeding the average district score by more than 20 percent shall be classified as special productive value land. It shall be granted special protection status with the prohibition of transfer to the category of non-arable land. State land cadastre shall be the basis for defining cost evaluation of land. Information of the state land cadastre shall be liable to compulsory application for fixing the amount of payment for the land.

Amended by: Law No. ZRU-240 amending some laws. (2009-12-25)

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