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Map of Vietnam

Viet Nam

With a large population and limited availability of land, Vietnam’s endowment of 0.3 hectare of agricultural land per person is among the lowest in the world.Vietnam is historically a nation of small-scale rice farmers: the average farm size is 1,560 square meters, less than one-third that of Thailand or Cambodia. Rapid economic growth in the past two decades has converted up to one million hectares of household farmland...

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Vietnam Country Portfolio Land Rights Land Tenure Land Grabbing Open Data

El Land Portal lanza carteras de países innovadoras y dinámicas basadas en los Datos Abiertos Vinculados

Un enfoque inclusivo convenido con los socios de la región del Mekong permite un acceso sin precedentes a datos e información sobre la tierra Si desea más información, póngase en contacto con: Neil Sorensen: +33641668648 o GRONINGA (26 de septiembre de 2016) - La…



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Photo by: Sandra Coburn / The Cloudburst Group

From the Ground Up: Participatory Rights Documentation for Healthy Landscapes

17 Abril 2018

Much of the world’s rural landscapes are technically managed by national governments with limited recognition of, or support for, the rights and management responsibilities of the rural poor who live in these areas. In an era of large-scale land acquisitions for global commodity production, this…

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FIG Working Week 2019

FIG Working Week is an exciting week-long conference that brings the international community of surveying and spatial professionals together to discuss key challenges of our time within the surveying profession with fellow peers. With the theme Geospatial information for a smarter life and…