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The Land Portal is a Foundation registered in the Netherlands in 2014.

The vision of the Portal is to improve land governance to benefit those with the most insecure land rights and the greatest vulnerability to landlessness through information and knowledge sharing.

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As part of the 10th anniversary commemoration of the CFS VGGT, the Inclusive Rural Transformation and Gender Equality Division (ESP) of the FAO has organized a technical event composed of a series of round table discussions to critically reflect on obstacles encountered globally on VGGT’s uptake, political and economic challenges, and how to address them; to reflect on the different pathways to achieve change at scale building on the lessons learnt on VGGT applicability; to stimulate discussion on the applicability of the VGGT in related fields and finally, to reflect of how to improve accountability towards their implementation, including the development of a Global Land Observatory.  

The session, organized by the Land Portal and the FAO,  aims to ask challenging questions on the monitoring of multi-lateral development mandates and the use of data to do so. Land monitoring can mean different things. It can involve the monitoring of biophysical features of land, such as through observing land use change, or technical aspects for example addressing land access, control, and the governance rules in place. However, a land-related development project can also be monitored to gauge its impact and effectiveness. In all cases, it is vital that there is a provision of an accurate dataset from which an appropriate evaluation can take place. As we state at Land Portal “land monitoring systems are crucial tools for improving the governance, ownership and management of land around the world”.

Are complex programs to address land agendas accompanied by suitable monitoring mechanisms? Is this information accessible, or are we in need of a radical rethink? This session will be expand on discussions from the first day of talks on the application of the VGGT, to hone in on their monitoring and what this means for the future success of the guidelines.  We invite you to join us in discussing these key issues and more! 

The event will be organized in a hybrid format, with speakers and attending either in-person at IFAD HQ or joining virtually via Zoom (link to be shared soon).Kindly note that available space is limited. Any participant who would like to attend in-person should send an email to

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