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8 July 2021
The construction of the exclusive suburb has sparked fierce resistance from local residents, who refuse to give up their land. Main photo: The Fire Department of Bahria Town Karachi on the site after Bahria Town Karachi’s main gate was set on fire and shops were vandalized on June 6, 2021. Credit
8 July 2021
CARATA, Peru, July 5 (Reuters) - Maxima Ccalla, 60, an indigenous Quechua woman, has spent her life tilling the harsh soil in Peru's Andean highlands, resigned to a fate far removed from the vast riches buried deep beneath her feet in seams of copper, zinc and gold. The Andean communities in Ccalla
5 July 2021
The San can be considered as one of the earliest inhabitants of Southern Africa. Much like in the rest of Southern Africa, the San of Botswana have consistently been marginalized, negated, and relegated to the margins of society.
23 June 2021
The European Investment Bank has large investments in Nepal, with four projects in its energy sector, but has done little to stop rights violations. 
11 June 2021
Biodiversity is plummeting, but restoring rivers could quickly reverse this disastrous trend.
11 June 2021
As drought and climate change make fires worse, officials are returning to Native nations’ time-tested techniques. Returning the land would be better.
4 June 2021
La biosfera del Río Plátano comienza a lo largo de la costa noreste de Honduras y se extiende al sur hacia el interior de las densas selvas tropicales. El río Plátano, nombrado Patrimonio de la Humanidad por la UNESCO en 1982, es uno de los ecosistemas más impresionantes del planeta.
17 May 2021
The threats facing Indigenous people opposing industrial operations on their lands — discrimination, harassment and assassination — all disproportionately affect women. And the coronavirus pandemic has done little to reduce the danger, say Indigenous and faith leaders.
17 May 2021
The restitution of ancestral land rights in Namibia has since independence divided opinions. Some argue it is a fitting process in dealing with colonial era land dispossessions, while others are concerned about the complexity of implementing this kind of restitution.
11 May 2021
A letter signed by Indigenous leaders and environmental defenders from the Amazon, West Africa, Southeast Asia and elsewhere blasts BlackRock for failing to hold companies in its investment portfolio accountable for deforestation and land grabs. “While BlackRock makes pledges to ask portfolio
10 May 2021
On April 26, 2021, the Decree amending several provisions of Mexico’s General Law of Sustainable Forestry Development was published in the Federal Official Gazette (DOF). The Decree is effective as of April 27. In relevant part, the Decree’s amendments include the following: Changes to land use of
3 May 2021
(Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The European Investment Bank (EIB) has pledged to address gaps in the implementation of a power project in Nepal, handing a rare victory to indigenous groups and local communities who had raised concerns about being uprooted from their land. A complaint by Nepali

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