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World Resources 2005

World Resources 2005
The wealth of the Poor: Managing Ecosystems to Fight Poverty

World Resources 2005 details the steps necessary to empower the poor to use ecosystems both wisely and for wealth. Using examples and case studies, the report traces a route to greater environmental income. Working at the cutting edge of sustainable development, it lays out the governance changes necessary to give the poor the legal, financial, and management capacity to use nature for wealth creation without depleting their fragile resource base.The report presents a wealth of examples to adopt and replicate, demonstrating how nations can support a bottom-up approach to rural growth that begins naturally with the assets that the poor already possess.

Chapter 3 examines key governance conditions that influence whether nature becomes a source of wealth and prosperity for many, or merely a select few. It focuses on the three governance factors with the most concrete impacts on the poor and their capacity to derive environmental income: resource tenure and property rights; decentralization of resource management; and the rights to participation, information,
and justice.

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